Avoid summer heat and still burn some calories

By Aarti Pandey


Summers can be boring and tiring. If you intend to burn some calories and stay away from the summer heat, here are a few tips for you to beat the heat, stay calm and cosy and still be able to burn some heat units.


1. Workout indoors

Sweat it smart this summer. You should try and workout early in the morning, as the weather is quite pleasant and helps set a good tone to your day ahead. Working out indoors will save you from the blazing heat and the not-so-needed tan. The benefits range from no honks, reflection in the mirror keeping you aware, helping you reach out to water more often (much needed) and it is never dark.

Summer also tend to be tacky. This also leads to a loss in morale. So, get your peers along, engage them in group activities. Help them sweat and get motivated yourself too. Working out in groups can be fun and engages healthy competition. For all the lovey-dovies out there, this can be your way of finding peace, shedding some calories and eventually spending some quality time together. For all the happily married couples, playing with your tiny toddlers is a fantastic way of burning some calories. Shall we say, see you inside?


2. Drink water

Heavy fluid intake in summers is a must. Especially when the mercury rises, need and advantages of drinking water becomes evident. Drinking about 8-9 glasses of water is advisable in summer days. This helps your metabolism as well as calmed you down in hot environments.


You can also substitute your colas and fizzy drinks with Fresh coconut water, Buttermilk, juices and milkshakes. Fruits like watermelon, tomato, cucumber contain vitamins and rich in fibre which are necessary for better functioning of your system. Studies have shown that consuming fruits both before and after the workout help in lifting-up a person’s mood and keeps them focused. Well, dig in now.


3. Take up a hobby

You can take up a new hobby like badminton, table tennis and squash, which require indoor setups, also help you regulate your health. These sport activities are good for increasing hand-eye coordination, mobility and agility. High Intensity Interval Training is the newest and coolest feature of the fitness industry. Give it a try, you might as well end up with a great physique and a good routine.


4. Go swimming

Swimming is one of the best activities that you can perform for overall physical fitness. First, swimming involves almost all your major muscle groups. A good swim session is a good stress buster activity.  Some sprint laps with your buddies will make you feel rejuvenated and burn a great deal of calories. Do not forget to apply a good sun-tan lotion before you jump in.



Aarti Pandey, Co-founder of Folk Fitness.

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