Deadlines and Overtime: in Mountains and Fitness. #travel #outdoors

Climbing a mountain is metaphorical to having to do a tough task ahead. So here, I will share my literal insights on deadlines and overtime, which you all can apply in your work life:
As Napolean Hill rightly says,’A goal is a dream with a deadline…’


While going on adventure events, we usually have to set time limits. You have to be at the top of mountain before 12.30 pm (which is just half way, because coming down the mountain is a task too) and if you delay it, you cannot make it back to basecamp in time and this can cause life-threatening situations on the mountain. We all have read the book ‘Into Thin Air’ and watched the movie by same name and the recent one, Everest, as well which was the greatest tragedy on Mount Everest, highest peak in the work and it happened due to missed deadlines of the climbers who over-worked their bodies to exhaustion.

The greatest inspiration to get any work done is a deadline. Being a procrastinator myself, I wouldn’t do anything without a deadline. That’s the reason why we set ‘New Year Resolutions’ or a ‘To-do-today’ list.

A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at- Bruce Lee
This situation has occurred with most of our fitness goals. I had set deadline for my six pack abs a long back, worked really hard towards it but my body structure is such that it took more time than estimated… This leads to overtime where you work more to achieve more. But we have to be careful that we are not stretching the limits to the break-point.

I have become a workaholic and its a good thing. I love to be in the outdoors, climb mountains so overtime, actually is the luxury time for me.

Fitness goals most often are achieved by working out overtime. You have to give in those extra hours at gym, run those extra miles to achieve your fitness goals in time. And yes, all the work that you put in is greatly rewarded.
I wake up early morning for workout and do some pull ups and abs. Then spend the rest ofthe day atProEdgeand get back to climbing in the evening. After I come home, there is so much to read on internet that it keeps me awake till late night.

So it is overtime but that is helping me grow, and not stressing me out; unlike my earlier career choice of law where would be up all night reading case laws and arguments and presenting them at the hearing in court.

And sometimes, I work best after the deadline has passed, when I’m in a panic. Oh, that gets out some really good ideas for writing my blog or make me do real good moves in rock-climbing. But I am trying to avoid it nonetheless.
Few tricks I use to meet deadlines:

Understand the challenge:
Know what yourtaskis, what efforts will be needed to complete it, what pre-preparation will be necessary. Otherwise once the deadline approaches and if you are still in doubt, overtime and stress willfollow.

Pre-planning :
The vital key to complete your target and goal is pre planning. Pre planning gives extract overlook to goal or specific task. I prefer to get the prerequisite done in the pre planning phase such as vendors list, etc.

Set up mini deadlines:
So here, we split the goal for example, get to point A by 7am, get to Point B by 10.30 and reach summit by 12.30. That works really well and there is not overtime involved asit give you ample time to cope up if you arelaggingbehind.
I have learnt that when you wait to the last minute, you rush to get things done, and the closer you get to the deadline, the less options you have. So better to stop procrastinating and get things done.


After completion of your goal, always read yourself with the little perks such as going for a movie or outing with friends or spending time with your family. Reward will always help you to rejoice your work.
Thanks for reading,

Ishani Sawant. (@adventureishani)

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  1. “Hi there, You have done a great job. I’ll definitely digg it and personally suggest to my friends. I’m confident they will be benefited from this site.”

  2. Wonderful post Ishani. First of all, now, reading about your journey as a traveller & adventure enthusiast, I am too keen on reading Into Thin Air and also watching the movie. Also I just looked up on goodreads and found out that the same fellow John wrote Into The Wild too! I have to yet read that book, though I have seen and loved the movie. I think I will watch both and read both in a one day wilderness marathon, maybe combine that with a Trek or something. It would really be fun to read out in the wilderness. The last Trek I did was Kalavanti Durg, near Panvel, where we took books and many other things to do, but we never found the time to do them because we didn’t plan the trek well, mainly cause we didn’t have an exact duration the climb would take. And on that note, awesome insights on getting work done. I have been practicing mini deadlines and breaking up the task. But I have to yet learn to implement pre-planning!

  3. Hey Ishani,

    Great post and the way you have related it to your profession was simply amazing. I strongly believe that whenever you set your own deadlines or for that matter if someone gives you a deadline you are bound to put in all your mind and soul to that work. Moreover the hardwork also matters here. All in all great post ishani

  4. Wow interesting take on the prompt, when he had shared it on twitter challenging you I never thought it could be interpreted this way too!

    And yes I loved Bruce Lee’s quote too as I firmly believe in it. It helps at times in life as it is important that you keep moving on. 🙂

  5. Ishani, very well written and explained it through your passion – Adventure Sports. In college (many years ago now) I had a poster up in my room that read ‘A Goal is a Dream with a Deadline’. A goal is a dream fitted to reality, with a deadline for its accomplishment. Great and keep it up!

  6. Hey Ishani , its an interesting take at the prompt that Akshay threw as a challenge at you. You’ve tried to relate the visual meme prompt of deadlines and overtime to your area of interest and your way of life – adventure and working out and living a life thats packed in general. Akshay on the other hand was putting this prompt in context of academics – when I was having a conversation with him.
    Its fun to see two different interpretations of three little words.
    Good job in turning out the post with a massive timeline pressure looming over your head.
    I loved the quote–A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at- Bruce Lee
    That’s something i believe whole heartedly in too. One task when completed should take us to another. Isnt that what Life’s all about moving from one level to another , one achievement to another – growing in the process.

    do add our mandatory line to the post soonest ? Reminder in your mailbox ! Keep writing and keep sharing 🙂

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