HEALTHY LIFE: Are your habits ruining your body?

This recent ICICI Lombard #DoTheDifficult video was indeed very inspiring and motivated me to write this post about healthy life. It is essential to have a fit mind and body for overall well-being and a truly successful life, no matter who you are, where you work or what your goal in life is.

Being into extreme sports, I am regularly asked tips to stay fit, for weight loss or for becoming stronger.

Here are some simple ways which will help you have a HEALTHY LIFE:

H: Healthy Food

Healthy eating habits
Healthy eating habits

Food is the fuel which keeps our body going. If we choose to eat junk we can’t expect a fit body. Nutritionists’ advice to include fresh fruits, salads, leafy vegetables, whole-grain cereals, beans etc. in our daily meals. It’s best to not be tempted to have sugary dishes, alcohol and bakery products if you really want to be healthy or lose weight. Intake of salt and caffeine must also be limited.

Some tips
Some tips

E: Enough Sleep

Late nights...
Late nights…

We sleep so that the body recovers through the day’s stress. Hence “uninterrupted” sleep of minimum 8 hours is necessary considering the hectic schedule and current lifestyle. Did you know that chronic sleep deprivation leads to weight gains? Serious sleep disorders have been linked to hypertension, increased heartbeat and increased stress hormones.

Soundless sleep
Soundless sleep

Little sleep also leaves you tired to do things that you love to do. Research says enough sleep keeps the immune system in place and also helps fight cancer.

A: Activity for your Body and Mind:

Any physical activity is good for health
Any physical activity is good for health

Our body needs physical activity to be healthy and function optimally. Only half an hour of exercise, be it gym session or running or cycling will make you fitter and stronger. Practice mental skills by reading, writing, taking up a hobby, etc. Being socially active by volunteering for a cause keeps the spirits high.


L: Little Changes: (photo)

Making small changes instead of drastic ones are easy to follow and imbibe. Trying to eat better, exercise more, spend more time with family and friends, reducing smoking or drinking can be achieved in this manner. Planning these kinds of small goals and then completing them motivates to do more and establish healthy habits.


T: Time to Unwind: (photo)

Its very important to take breaks to de-stress. Distress leads to physical symptoms of headaches, upset stomach, chest pain, elevated blood pressure. It can cause early onset of diseases related to age and vulnerable to illness.

Pets are helpful in combating a stressful day.
Pets are helpful in combating a stressful day.

H: Health Checkups

A Yearly Routine Body Check has become mandatory nowadays. Also do regular checkups for blood pressure, lipids, cholesterol, osteoporosis, cancer screen screens for entire family.

Regular medical checkups
Regular medical checkups

Y: Youthful thinking

You are what you think you are. Hence, think young so that you feel younger too. No one would like being with a grumpy fellow.

Enjoy each moment!
Enjoy each moment!

L: Life style Choices

We must emphasize on good lifestyle choices like healthy food, daily activity, sleep, minimization of stress not only for us but also family at large. And similarly, we can de-emphasize on bad lifestyle choices such as food with high fats, inactivity, tobacco, smoking, sugar etc.


I: Involve Others

Involving other people helps us be more active, improve eating and manage stress.


F: Fun- Enjoy Life

While doing anything, if you are having fun then it doesn’t seem stressful at all. It also keeps you alert and active.


E: Everyday

Any habit takes 21 days to form or break. Hence we need to follow a HEALTHY LIFE each and every day until they become a part of what you are.

And, don’t forget to go on that family vacation that you always have been wanting to go but didn’t get time because of work!
Stay healthy, Stay fit!


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  1. Nice article Ishani Mam..! Short n precise ! I would strongly recommend that you add an M for meditation regularly. It helps in avoiding many physical ailments , a great stress-buster and calms the mind. That’s all I wanted to add.
    Keep up the good work!

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