Classical narrations in Tenzing Hillary’s climb of Everest: Descripted

In classical narrations of Tenzing Hillary’s climb of Everest, there are 3 unusual names of locations along the route to the top:

1.Lhotse Face

2. Geneva Spur

3. Western Cwm.

Now whenever someone is explaining or writing about their climb, we just get to read or hear the numbers of camps 1 2 3 4

Here is a description for about what those are exactly:

1)Western CWM

This was named after George Mallory’s climb. It starts from where camp 1 ends and it refers to the huge amphitheatre between Nuptse wall and Everest’s Southwest Face on both sides. Normally Camp 2 is put on one side of Western CWM, i.e. into Everest SW face.

CWM typically is a feature which looks like a bowl of ice or a valley like a bowl.

2) Lhotse face

It starts from the steep slope after Western CWM and it’s also used as climbing for Lhotse.Normally Camp 3 is placed any where from 7000 m onwards on LHOTSE face.

3) Geneva Spur

This was named after a Swiss Team, so the name “Geneva”. Veteran and classic mountaineers still refer to this name. It’s above Yellow Band and below SOUTH Col (camp 4)and at 7500-7700 m ht.


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