Graffiti for artists, creative minds and arts enthusiasts: An upcoming workshop in Pune

Fancy writing on walls? Do you find colors and paintings intriguing? If  you love to paint and are looking for some creative means to express yourself, graffiti is the recent trend.


Man has been scribbling on the walls since pre-historic times.  The cave-men expressed themselves by writing on the walls. The Romans wrote on wall of the towns they conquered. It was then that the name “Graffiti” was coined and is still in use.

In modern times, the forms of graffiti has also evolved. Current trend is that of “Street Art” also known as artistic graffiti, It is the modern form of traditional graffiti and not mere scribbling or scratching the walls with paints but has become a complex artistic form of personal expression. It is no longer an on-spot defacement of the wall but a carefully thought piece of work of that particular artist.


Graffiti Art:

Graffiti and graffiti art may be differentiated by the mere fact art is more deliberate than impromptu. Graffiti art includes the artists established techniques and styles and is characterized by use of a standard medium: spray paint.

It is not just fancy scribble. Artists themselves use and teach novices the use of spray- paint depending of styles and adjusting nozzle, use of aerosol caps etc. for different artistic effects. It is a result of imagination, planning and effort which makes it a piece of art.

In modern times, graffiti art is evoking a huge public response and appraisal. Art is empowering and can be a stimulus to positive social change. It is unique because it can provoke an emotional response be it positive or negative. It thus becomes a catalyst in helping people and society to recover from its vices. With this power to influence society, it silently proclaims the voices which never find an outlet.


Graffiti is spreading among the youth of country as a form of expression of their artistic skills. Ernest Abel rightly says:

The graffiti “artist” whose work brightens a drab area and adds color to the mind-dulling blandness of the inner city, whose designs enliven the sterile concrete jungles, is considered by some to be upgrading his environment: The graffiti “artist,” is a public benefactor. (Abel)

Shirin, graffiti artist from Pune says:

There are different styles of graffiti like wild-style, bubble style, tags, throw-up, stencil etc. When we say,”Graffiti” then the first thing comes to our mind is “the spray cans”. Actually when graffiti started evolving it was adopted mostly by the hip-hop and street-art culture, that is why using spray cans is easy for those  artists as it’s not time consuming, easy to carry and easy to use and they can finish their art-work in a night. But graffiti at the same time is painted with brushes and paints.

She invites all enthusiasts to an upcoming workshop

“Holystains: The Graffiti Workshop” to be held on 23rd and  24th January 2015


So if you are keen on learning the art, enroll and spread the word.

She elaborates about the workshop:

It is a two days’ workshop, all the necessary material and food provided by us. We will explain what are graffiti and different styles of graffiti.

On the first day we’ll start with the main three styles of graffiti on paper which are block buster, bubble and wild style. The students will learn how to make them 3D with the help of shadow effect. Then a word will be given to students, everyone will create their own piece of graffiti in all three main styles. At the end the students are asked to choose one word and create a piece of graffiti which they are going to paint on wall next day. After that we’ll start with color combinations.

On second day we’ll start with walls. As this is basic workshop so students are going to start painting with brush and paints on walls. “Painting on walls” is different than “painting on paper” so all those proportion and techniques will be explained to students and then they’ll start painting. After that an introduction to spray paint can. Students will create their own stencil and tag graffiti on paper. On walls student will paint their stencil and tag graffiti with spray paint cans.


Schedule :

Saturday 23rd Ian 2016  (09:00am to 05:00 pm )

Sunday 24th Jan 2016 (09:00am-05:00pm)


Course fees :  2500 INR/ participant

Includes : Complete Stationery set, paint , brushes and accessories, protective gears – gloves and masking, food:

breakfast , lunch and high tea


Note :

Participants are advised to wear comfortable clothing . Please note that clothes might get stained , if required please get extra pair of clothing/changeover


Rolling Academy , Sinhagad ghat road , 1.5km from toll post.

For more details and info contact: 9421030786

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