Comfort on the Rocks : CAMP’s Jasper CR4 Harness

It was time to upgrade my harness after doing my advanced mountaineering course and gaining some skills in rock climbing too. I somehow got my hands on the CAMP Jasper CR4 harness. After using it for so many climbs in Sahyadris, Badami, Ladakh, Zanskar, North Wales etc, I finally found this a good time to write about my experience with it.

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I somehow felt an instant liking for this harness from just the look of it.  I felt confident that I would be able to hang on for hours on end while doing climbing photography. It actually proved to be a great choice when I used it during photoshoot of the bolting of a new sports route on Duke’s Nose by Rohit and Ganesh.

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I must say this is so thoughtfully designed unisex harness, I could use it for sports climbing and trad as well as in snow and ice… It just is suited for all types of climbing pursuits! The standard auto locking buckles on waist and leg loops are easily adjustable and provide for ease of movement, be it in the bulky clothing we wear in himalayas or to do some tricky moves on a sports route.


The snug fit and super comfortable EVA foam padding is unmatched compared to other harness which I have previously used. The easy adjustments are possible with the new modification of a sliding waist-best which is speciality of this model. The ends of those loops are also easy to secure with flat-link elastic straps. It also boasts of a beefy one inch belay loop making it all the more secure.



The material of harness on inside is so soft which gives it a good feel on wearing it while the outsides are of durable fabric. The smooth nylon fabric out of which the 4 stiff gear loops are made gives it again an ease of access to the gear hanging on it. I could climb so many trad multi-pitches, back to back, when I was in UK without having to fumble while taking out the carabiners from loop. Also the size is aptly designed where we can accommodate all kinds of equipment be it friends or quickdraws

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To sum it up, CAMP’s Jasper CR4 harness has become a popular choice of climbers because of its versatility and the comfort it gives no matter what you are climbing.

With so many pros, the only con is the non-fancy, simple look of the harness.

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With modestly priced at 69$ or 4300 INR, I feel it’s a great value for money. Ping me here to buy it at discounted price. Thanks for reading. If you like this review, please post comments and share it !


Thanks for reading. If you like this review, please post comments and share it !

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