Learn to Optimise Sports Nutrition: Technology Developed by NASA

All athletes have the goal of performance improvement. This requires optimal nutrition. Now you can learn the best practices from the professional experts and Sports Dietitians.

CPSDA (Collegiate and Professional Sports Dietitians Assn.), in partnership with The Right Stuff® (NASA-developed hydration) and Training & Conditioning magazine, has developed a series of free info-graphics to educate athletes at all skill levels on the benefits of fueling for performance.

“CPSDA is doing an outstanding job of leveraging the benefits of sports nutrition in the High School, College, Professional and Olympic arenas, as well as with our military,” said David Belaga, President/CEO of Wellness Brands Inc. “This infographic tool is a great aid for coaches, athletic trainers, dietitians and athletes alike; anyone working to optimize athletic performance by focusing on the critical importance of nutrition.”

Team coaches, athletic trainers, strength coaches and other allied healthcare members working with athletes use these infographics to educate athletes at all skill levels. Its benefit is for fueling the performance. The free infographics can be found at http://training-conditioning.com/_ezines/pernutinfo/#p=1.


About CPSDA:

The not-for-profit association represents the vast majority of advanced practice Registered Dietitians in the US. They work full-time with athletes in colleges, professional sports, Olympic training centers, the U.S. Military and in law enforcement. CPSDA is founded on the fundamental “food first” principle that “whole foods are the best fuel.”www.SportsRD.org


About The Right Stuff®:

The formula was developed by NASA to offset the severe dehydration astronauts suffer from when they come back into Earth’s gravity.  The formula does a better job fighting dehydration symptoms, protects the body from overheating and increases endurance by over 20 percent more than any other formula. It is an electrolyte, liquid-concentrate, drink additive used by endurance athletes, high schools and colleges across the US, pro teams (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL etc.), and Olympic athletes for training and competition.  In addition, first responders (firefighters, military etc.) and industrial workers also use it regularly. www.TheRightStuff-USA.com

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