Long Coast, Lantau for leisure and adventure: Hong Kong Getaway

This summer I was adventuring in Missoula, Montana where I was completely blown away by the river surfing scene. Learning to surf had been on my wish list ever since. Despite being into all kinds of adventure sports and always gorging on sea food, I never had a chance to try the sport as I am more of a mountain person. After a nice cold summer, here I land in Hong Kong for some warmer temperatures and adventuring with the ocean…

The most popular day trip from Hong Kong is to Lantau island. It has iconic Tai Tan Buddha statue, Ngong Ping Cable Car for a “soaring” experience and loads of shopping outlets and restaurants serving delicious food in the backdrop of stunning mountains and pristine seacoasts.

Last weekend, I was at Long Coast Seasports to learn to surf, it is a beach front resort featuring exotic holiday experience in addition to offering a wide range of sea sport activities for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Sitting right at the beach, facing endless horizon and a tiny island in view, its worth the visit for sure. As soon as you get there, you cant hold yourself from going for a dip. All the stress and worries are washed away by the bright feel that this place gives!

There are lessons held everyday for guests staying at Long Coast and anyone who wants to learn stand up paddle boarding, surfing, windsurfing, kite-surfing, skim boarding etc can join in by booking a class before hand like I did. Swimming is not a pre-requisite for any of these, a life jacket (PFD) is always available for your safety.

There is so much to do to spend a really relaxing day if you already are into these sports. You could just rent any of these or a just a kayak and float away through the day only to come back to the superbly delicious food made at the beach shack.



For a list of training that you could attend at Long Coast, click here. I loved the surf program so much!

Does a bit of star-gazing at night before sleeping in one of the beachfront rooms excite you? Apart from luxury a/c cabins for family, one also as the option to choose to  sleep in a caravan.

Having traveled so much and been to so many places across the world, I have hardly ever come across any adventure resorts offering this kind of blend of leisure adventure activities, variety of stay options and amazingly delicious food.

I must say its such a perfect place for beach party, wedding, get-together or celebrations in general.

 Click here to book a number of different packages that suit your needs.


The most notable is kite-surfing that is key feature. Long Coast is the only international IKO center in Hong Kong. If you want to take up this lesser know but super addictive sport then you know where to go!


For more pictures and videos, check out their super cool Facebook page.

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