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“Morocco for me is Google Fes! and Rabat, and let’s not forget Tanger nor Casablanca:-) … Or the Atlas mountains and the culture of the Berbers..” says Liz, the solo traveller from Australia.

Here is Liz, taking us on virtual tour of Morocco and lists the must see places there:

I joined a fellow traveler who rented a car from Marrakesh, 2015 for 3 nights ending in Fes. Wonderful Targine style of cooking, great French bakeries are a foodie’s delight there!

The Atlas mountains in winter are worth visiting, and for all adventure enthusiasts out here… Don’t miss it! ┬áDefinitely culture and food and some beaches and of course a trip into the desert are other possible options.

Morocco On Budget

Agadir has nice beaches although it’s quite tourist due to as many European tourists visit it because they want to escape winter.

Morocco On Budget

Marrakesh and Taroudant, the smaller version of Marrakesh is still worth a trip and has anybody mentioned Rabat’s Mausoleum? ┬áTry to find a huge family who invites you to eat family couscous with mutton soup . It’s good fun to eat with the family out of one big plate.

Morocco on Budget

I would recommend Fes imperial city, nearby the Roman ruins of Volubilis are absolutely splendid.

Essaouira and its fish market. You buy some fish, they grill it free for you and you can have it on the spot. No forks if I remember well. Essaouira is still very enjoyable and not as touristy as they say.


Marrakech of course…and Ourzazate from where you can take a tour to the desert (through an agency or not).
Tagines and couscous are the great Moroccan cuisine classics . But “pastilla” is a gourmet must! The most delicate one is pigeon pastilla if not chicken pastilla.

Morocco on Budget
Morocco on Budget

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