Top places to visit in Pondicherry: Quick Checklist

Here is just a comprehensive list I have compiled for quick glance of places you must visit when in Pondicherry:

  • The ashram p1
  • The heritage white town p2
  • The ashrams bakery / paper factory / playground etc.
  • Quality bar.
  • Le terrace has the best pizza in town.
  • The beaches on the ecr highway on the way to auroville. p3
  • The light house.
  • Osudu lake
  • Sadhana forest
  • Pondy museum
  • The Road pub

Some tips:

  • Try local bars and restaurants, they are very economical and  you get the essence of pondi there. You will not find them on Google maps but you can easily figure out them with help of local crowd especially ones near French consulate.
  • Sea food is amazing here & pocket friendly too
  • Depending on the weather u could surf n dive. Enjoy the food.

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