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The world is coming closer and boundaries are vanishing. We are more open to travel, work, and education in different parts of the country. Job or studies make us relocate every year or two in various metro cities. As easy as it is to make new friends and go out in evenings, the initial weeks are spent in shopping for utilities and home décor so that the new place look good.

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RentoMojo is by far the smartest choice we have when moving to a new city. Why shell out money on EMI and pay interest if you can try and buy instead of settling for something you liked but no longer want. Also, owning A/C or fridge is impractical if you change cities often.  You will either cart these appliances around with you or are forced to go through the pain of selling them second-hand.  Not to mention the furniture that might get damaged while shifting.

Time to #OwnSmartly and remain burden-free

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How Rental Subscriptions Work:

Just browse the products on their website, select furniture or appliances or bike, place an order, upload the required documents and expect a quick delivery. If you have any doubt, the chat option on the website will get them answered. Additionally, the delivery, installation, and pickup are free of cost. And it can be scheduled at your convenience.

Own Less Rent More

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Renting is irresistible and reliable:

RentoMojo is convenient as you can just rent furniture, appliances or bikes, especially for shorter durations, minimum being 3 months with free maintenance and replacement or repair. You can return the product, choose to swap if you want a larger cupboard or different bike or keep it entirely.  Also, one no longer has to pay for movers or transport of furniture as the delivery is given at your doorstep for free and installed by a professional staff so it is ready to use as soon as you get it. There is also damage waiver which gets you covered against scratches, rips or tears.

They aptly say, “Don’t just own, smartly own.”

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You can extend subscription or opt out anytime and even transfer it from your flatmate or your roommate easily. And the best part is free relocation to any of these 8 cities – Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Deli-NCR, Gurgaon, Noida, Chennai, and Hyderabad. You would also get annual cleaning on those products.  So many choices which make our life easier in the new home! 

Browse ready packages for a studio apartment or living room or bedroom to save time in making a decision.

Why renting bikes is convenient than buying one:

80% population of Pune, Mumbai and Deli NCR, Bangalore uses two-wheelers for commuting and transportation. For most of the bachelors, college students, and individuals who have just relocated, there are so many cost overheads that investing in a bike is not a priority. Plus, there is so much paperwork and legal documents to be processed that it takes time and lot of hassle. Renting, on the other hand, proves worthwhile as it is no longer a dead investment; you won’t need to shell out on maintenance or worry about low resale value.

Here are the available geared or non-geared bikes you can choose from.

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“Ownership of material possession is no longer a necessary accomplishment for us millennial”

When I went price hunting with a friend who shifted to my city, I actually found that RentoMojo is affordable and low-priced as compared to stores and other online platforms available today.

Photo via: RentoMojo

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