Slacklining Festival at Lonavala: 29 Dec-1st Jan

Slacklining is an upcoming adventure sport in India. To promote this sport, we have organized a slack festival at Lonavala this year end. Here are the details:



Celebrate New Year doing something exciting:

Isn’t it a fantastic event for a great end to your 2016 and a brilliant start into 2017, learning and trying out something new, making new friends and chillaxing in the evenings watching adventure movies?

India’s top highliners and passionate slackliners have already registered for this event. There are going to be exciting workshops to learn about the sport, valley crossing and some other activities too.

This first ever slackline festival is going to be worth it for sure! And it’s not just a slacklining festival. It is going to be a retreat in the wilderness.

Why choose Slacklining:

One gets opportunity to discover oneself during slacklining, literally. It provides a great connection to nature and self, imbibing balance and mindfulness into our lifestyle.


Promoting Gender Equality:

We also promote Gender Equality and will be showing a film on women empowerment too. In adventure there never has been a gender bias and hence we also support equality in all aspects.


The festival is open for all with no age bar as it’s a sport which is enjoyed by youth, old and children alike!


If you can walk, you can walk the line as well. You don’t need to be a hardcore fitness fanatic for this but an eagerness to learn and do it!

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Worried about safety?

Yes adventure is a risky sport and there is risk of injury too but we have partnered with Shiv Durg Mitra, the organisation which have professional rescue technicians to be here during the whole event for risk management and a safe experience for you.


We have safe camping location where you can bring in your own tents and put up wherever you want. It is perfectly safe and secure here. For those who like comforts of hotel and stay at nearby hotels too and come here during day time.

For those of us who don’t own a tent and wish to rent them, we can make a limited number of tents available on your request. Please let us know at the time of booking and not on spot.


Food is included in the Day Pass (2000INR), and for season pass (5000INR) food is included for 1st day only. Food coupons are available at 500 INR per day. You can cook your own food or bring food from nearby hotel for next days.


Samar, the pro slackliner and organiser of Festival says, “Thank you for showing us support for this project that we are now calling the ‘Between Years Slack Festival’. At the outset, the idea behind this festival is to get more people from India interested in slacklining and highlining. However, what we also wish to achieve is the development of a counter culture where people feel closer to nature and value it.”


Please note:

This is a dirt bag kind of lifestyle package with no fancy toilets and showers. Water and food sources are available in a village nearby within a 20 min walk from the main camping area. We will also try and arrange for dry pit toilets to make life a little simpler. This is a exclusive campsite for the slackline community which is separate and much closer to the slacklines and highlines.

To book passes and for any more details, contact:

Ishani: 8087698461.




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