Guide to Travel by Train from Delhi to Jaipur, Agra. #india #trip

  • Here’s a guide to help you get from Airport to the tourist destination of your choice:


    Choosing a train:

    I suggest booking a seat in 2AC = TWO tiers for sleeping i.e. only 4 people in compartment. AC = Air-conditioned, glass on the windows, not just bars. If you buy 2AC train tickets, it could be either to sleep in (night trains) or just sit (day trains).

    If you buy “sleeper” kind of ticket, it is “open to all” set up with berths all along the coridor with no doors. I personally feel “too exposed” as people walk by all the time. It is not worth to saving a bit of money. Check the prices of tickets and you will see.

    Do your ticketing in advance. It can be done 360 days in advance. You have ample time to plan your itinerary. It would be safe to avail of homestay accommodation with a family for guidance and local support that one may need.


    Taxi from Airport

    To begin with, at all airports look for PREPAID sign and buy your taxi tickets there (show written address you are going) to avoid any haggle. On receipt you will have number of car you will find outside. Best to have your addresses always written on paper to give to driver. Give receipt to driver at the end of your ride (tip is included).

    Train Journey to Jaipur

    Tickets for any decent train seats are very reasonable so I suggest take AC2 (air-conditioned, second class, chair) on the train to leave Delhi very early 6 a.m.,12002 Bhophal Shibati (good train) arriving 8:06 a.m. in Agra. Please note that unless you want to travel really wild way and body on body, you have to buy rail tickets way before you go. I really suggest AC2.

    Then hire rikshaw in front of the train station for ALL DAY and back to train before (prepare yourself, it is total ZOO there, just be firm). I haven’t it written down, it should be not more than 500 INR (perhaps 450 INR). He will take you around everywhere you want to go and bring you back to rail station for evening train leaving 17:40. Dinner will be served. Arriving 22:50 in Jaipur.

    Hotel in Jaipur

    I suggest Pearl Palace Hotel in Jaipur (again you have to take Rickshaw from station and it is not far). Make reservation in Hotel before you leave for journey from your city. We stayed two nights and vere very pleased. In loby of hotel, they have list of prices for Rikshaw and places you can go – very helpful.

    Getting Around

    The best is to hire for all day. He will be yours to just drive you around. You will avoid dealing with multiple drivers about prices. You tell him where you want to go/see, ask where else he thinks you should see, ask him to take you to local (not tourist) place for lunch (he eats elsewhere). at the end of the last day he should take you to train on time, Rickshaw are always in front of the train stations, hotels etc.

    We then took overnight train back to Delhi. Again have rail tickets ahead and they will fit you in Sleeper to share compartment with suitable people (yes, IndRail has its mysterious ways) and then by air to other areas of India.

    Other cities

    Delhi to Jaipur is 5-6 hrs by train.

    Jaipur to Agra is 3.30-4 hrs by train & around 4-5 hrs by bus.

    Agra to Mumbai is 16-22 hrs by train.

    Also from Jaipur to Agra, you can take bus as they are also cheap.

    Travel in night so that you can save your time & money.Also make your plan soon so that you can book your tickets early to avoid any problem considering festival months in India. So it will be little difficult to get a confirm ticket in indian railways in those seasons.


    All the best for your journey. If you need any help, feel free to contact me.

    Ishani Sawant (@adventureishani)

    Here is my facebook page.

    Thanks for reading. Please comment below for feedback or more details.


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  1. “It can be near impossible to find well-advised viewers on this content, still, you look like you understand exactly what you’re preaching about! Appreciation”

    1. James you can install a app named OYO on app stores by this app you can book your hotel anywhere in India, for train you should visit or search on google irctc it’s Indian government ‘s railway ticket booking and inquiry site
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      Specially in Jaipur (The pink city) 🙂

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