Safety in the Mountains: Read this before you head Outdoors.

Here are just 5 tips which you must read before heading to mountains or outdoors:

1. Don’t go alone. Wilderness or mountains is not the option forsolo travelwhich is on a rise. You must always have someone by your side in cases of emergencies, or to call for help. If someone is not able to come along, make a plan mentioning details about where you will be going, the maps, hotels, campsites etc.

2. Be thoroughly prepared. Have a well-market map, print it out. Phone or gps batteries may die so always carry a hard copy along. Check weather and plan your bag pack accordingly. Carry some extra food, more than enough water, first-aid kit, sunscreen, torch and other essentials.

3. Check all the equipment before heading out. Re-store dry batteries of camera, torch, check zips of bag, poles of tent and make sure everything is packed in a organise way so that you’ll find the exact item whenever required.

4. Know your capacity and limit. Never attempt to trek yourself to exhaustion, climb a route you are not physically prepared for. Keep with the pace of group with the slowest participant to avoid getting lost.

5. Understand the environment and terrain you will be heading to. Know what animals or trees and plants you might encounter and any precautions of dealing with them. Wear your clothes and footwear accordingly.

VERY IMPORTANT : Never underestimate the nature around you. Realize your limits. Do not drink or smoke while trekking or during expedition. Set your mind for challenges.

Wish you safe adventures!

9 thoughts on “Safety in the Mountains: Read this before you head Outdoors.

  1. One thing that I’ve learnt from my outdoor expeditions is to keep yourself hydrated all the time. We really underestimate how much water we lose during the treks. I had once gone sailing where the need to hydrate was even more.

    Good stuff this is. A personal experience on how these guidelines saved the day for you would also be fun.

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