Vegan Dishes to try when you travel in India

A roundup for all those travelers who prefer a vegan diet:

While in north India, you must try:

Chola battura, Samosa, Kachori, Roti dal, Rajma Chawal, Poori sabji, Aloo gobi, aloo ki tikki, aloo matar, bhindi masala, channa masala, dal baati., khichdi, litti choka, makki di roti & sarson da saag, aloo paratha, pyaaz paratha, pani puri.
Sweets-Imarti, Jalebi, gulab jamun.


While in west:

Pav bhaji, vada pav, bhakri, pohe, chats, sabudana khichdi
Sweets : modak, pooran poli

While in south:

Dosa(wide varieties), poori, idli-wada, south indian meals, veg biryani, bisi bele bath, sweet/salt pongal, upma, mirchi bajji, curd rice, avalakki bath, madakki oogarne etc.
Sweets : sweet pongal, dal halwa.


Do mention : no milk and curd while tasting all above dishes.
Make sure ghee (clarified butter) is not used during cooking.
It is more expensive than vegetable fats, so many places won’t use it, but it is very common in many dishes listed above. It is particularly valued in Ayurveda medicine (and more widely as one of the holy products of the cow), so used sometimes in offering foods, food tohonour guests, food to heal the stomach (f.ex kichri), etc.


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